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Are Your Engineers and Designers Thinking Outside the Box?

June 30, 2020

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Mac on Top Product — Howell, MI — The Patent Baron

Stouffer’s New Mac & Cheese Tap Pour Prototype Goes Where Mac & Cheese Has Never Been Before

Often new products are developed that involve existing and well-known elements. In this case, Stouffer’s has developed a device to dispense mac & cheese through a pour tap!

Whether or not you consider yourself a “foodie”, you have to admit that there are several technical challenges to overcome with this invention.

Typically, tap pours are used for liquids or at least flowable semi-solids. Using a tap pour for a pasta and cheese mix is unique, as well as keeping the mixture warm enough to flow and also be edible after dispensing.

Bottom line

Innovation doesn’t necessarily involve starting from scratch, but can reward those who push the envelope and find new and creative ways to deliver a well-regarded product.

Are your engineers and designers thinking outside the box? Often creativity can result in new intellectual property that can be protected, marketed, and licensed to bring new revenue to the company. Are you looking for additional revenue streams through IP? I can help with that.

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