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Patent Lawyer Brighton, MI

Our experience as skilled Michigan intellectual property attorneys enables us to analyze trends in the technological landscape with an eye toward ever-changing Michigan and federal intellectual property (IP) laws that may impact the preservation of your intentions, creative creations, and other intellectual property.

At The Patent Baron, we create an intellectual property strategy tailored to your goals, be it preserving your creative works or growing your business with your trade secrets and other IP. Efficient, strategic advice and the protection and protection of IP rights help us protect our clients’ rights. Contact us today for advice from a skilled Brighton, MI, patent lawyer on obtaining patents, protecting the integrity of your current patents, and addressing all your IP concerns.

What Does A Brighton Patent Lawyer Do?

Patent lawyers focus on preserving and protecting intellectual property, specifically the laws pertaining to inventors. We counsel you, our client, on the strength of your patent applications or existing patents and offer insight into how you can maximize the financial return on your invention.

We may ask:

  • Do you develop your own products?
  • Do you wish to license your patent as your new products come to market and are ready for production?
  • Do you need to sell or transfer your patent?

We have deep experience with all these patent business matters and more, providing sound counsel so you can make the decisions that best suit your goals.

Our attorneys can review your patent application and draft its claims so that the invention may be more valuable in the future, such as products that may have more than one use or application.

Finally, we take care of matters with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on your behalf, from drafting the application to providing the supporting documentation, evidence, and any necessary samples. We review the USPTO’s decisions to determine if they support your business goals and can file and argue an appeal of denied patents. You can focus on what you do best – developing innovative products – and we’ll take care of the legal matters associated with preserving your intellectual property.

Forward-Thinking Patent Attorneys

Our legal team can be there from the moment you form a concept. We have intimate knowledge of the USPTO patent approval process and monitor changes to IP laws that can affect your property. We also follow case law, which affects the boundaries of patent applications and the proper verbiage and legal language that patent applications should contain (for your protection).

Once you’ve received your patent, we vigorously defend them and your IP and business interests against improper selling or licensing, or other infringement on your IP. We help maintain the integrity of the patent through the term of its issue.

Maintain Your Competitive Advantage With Our Intellectual Property Attorneys

Comprehensive knowledge of intellectual property law, technologically minded legal advice, and forward-thinking to help you succeed are the hallmarks of representation by The Patent Baron. We are uniquely positioned to safeguard your IP, support your business vision, and advance your goals. Contact us today for a personalized consultation with a professional Brighton patent lawyer.

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