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Episode 11: Guest Brian Truskowski

Businessman Thumbs Up — Howell, MI — The Patent Baron

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Episode 11: Guest Brian Truskowski

In this podcast, I am joined by special guest, Mr. Brian Truskowski. Brian is a Life Coach. He helps people, including lawyers, stay on track and on task. Chances are you already know what you need, but keeping yourself accountable to focusing on the things that must happen for growth can be difficult. This is where Brian comes in. We all know that having someone to be accountable to is invaluable; they keep us moving forward, especially when we don’t want to, or are afraid and unsure about those next steps. Brian is that person.

Brian Truskowski — Howell, MI — The Patent Baron

We discussed:

  • What is a life coach
  • How a life coach can help professionals, even lawyers, who often feel they don’t need help
  • Unhappy lawyers
  • Depression masquerading as fatigue
  • Confidential sounding board/accountability partner

Brian Truskowski’s links:

Brian’s YouTube channel

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