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Episode 13: Debranding

Different Designs on Paper — Howell, MI — The Patent Baron

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Episode 13: Debranding

In this podcast, I discuss with Tom Nixon the current trend of debranding. I would like to commend Ben Schott of for writing a pair of very informative articles that formed the basis for this podcast (links below). Debranding is the trend toward making logos work on many different platforms – mobile devices, URL address bars, and other electronic media. Traditionally, logos may have been quite complicated and used to convey all sorts of information – quality, sophistication, motion, strength, and so forth. However, those attributes may not work well when a logo is reduced to a miniature size on a mobile phone screen. Similarly, many logos are now being used with a variety of colors to promote causes, holidays, or other special attributes. If you have logos or are developing new logos, debranding is something you should consider now rather than make expensive revisions right away to remain current.

We discussed:

  • What is debranding?
  • How logos are changing to work with technology
  • Examples of the flexibility that debranding provides
  • Maintaining previous versions of logos for the nostalgic factor
  • Considerations for logo updates or new logos

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