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Episode 14: Special Guest Peter Deppe, Co-Founder and CEO of Kuhmute

Scooter on Road — Howell, MI — The Patent Baron

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Episode 14: Special Guest Peter Deppe, Co-Founder and CEO of Kuhmute

In this podcast, I am joined by a special guest, Peter Deppe, Co-Founder and CEO of KUHMUTE®. KUHMUTE® is The First Multimodal Charging Platform for Micromobility. Peter and Scott Spitler, Co-Founder and CTO launched KUHMUTE® in 2018 after they developed the idea as their thesis at Kettering University in Flint, MI. Peter and I discuss the importance of IP for KUHMUTE® and his experiences in protecting the technology and branding of the company.

Peter and I also discuss how important IP is to attract investors and also keep the competition from stealing their ideas. As the company grows and expands internationally, the importance of protecting IP not just in the US but globally is important for any business in today’s connected marketplace. Peter previewed some highlights that we can expect from KUHMUTE® in the near future. I welcome you to visit for information about KUHMUTE® and appreciate Peter’s taking time from his busy schedule to appear on The Patent Baron podcast.

Peter Deppe — Howell, MI — The Patent Baron

We discussed:

  • How important protecting IP is for a startup
  • The value of IP for KUHMUTE® in attracting investment
  • Getting off on the right foot by consulting with IP professionals early
  • Locking up your IP to protect your ideas
  • Thinking globally and protecting IP to match

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