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Episode 15: Attorney Self-Actualization, with guest Ian M. Clark

Lawyer and Client Consultation — Howell, MI — The Patent Baron

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Episode 15: Attorney Self-Actualization, with guest Ian M. Clark

What is self-actualization? Why should attorneys and law firms care? What’s it like to transition from a career in law to a life of coaching? In this podcast, I discuss these topics and more with my special guest, Ian M. Clark, founder and CEO of The Actualization Alliance.

Ian is an attorney, adjunct professor, health policy expert, and certified professional life coach. He founded the Alliance in 2020 with the mission of improving society and individual lives by helping people to self-actualize.

The Alliance employs transformational, evidence-based coaching techniques to ensure clients and partners realize greater, more consistent levels of happiness, love, and fulfillment. As a socially-responsible organization, the Alliance provides services for little or no cost to individuals with limited resources and donates to green initiatives that bolster global biodiversity, reforestation, sustainable agriculture, and atmospheric carbon reduction.

Ian M. Clark — Howell, MI — The Patent Baron

In this episode, Ian and I discuss:

  • Life coaching theory and practice;
  • The concept and process of self-actualization;
  • Transitioning from legal practice to life coaching;
  • Benefits that attorneys and law firms can obtain by understanding and using life coaching;
  • Advantages that intellectual property lawyers and firms specifically can gain by utilizing self-actualization techniques; and
  • Steps that listeners can take immediately to reach a higher level of self-actualization.

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