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Episode 2: How Your Company’s Loyal Fans and Supporters Can Help You Protect Your IP

Copyright Claim — Howell, MI — The Patent Baron

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Episode 2: How your company’s loyal fans and supporters can help you protect your IP

Are you frustrated that your IP is being copied and counterfeits are flooding the market, damaging your brand’s reputation and possibly even worse? You’re already devoting a lot of resources (both time and money) to the problem, but it isn’t working! Are you interested in tapping into your company’s loyal fanbase to help solve the problem? International lawyer and Registered US Patent Attorney J. Baron Lesperance, The Patent Baron, discussed ways your loyal fans can help protect your IP. Mr. Lesperance has gained valuable experience as an in-house IP counsel at a multinational corporation, large law firms, and is now Of Counsel at Remenick PLLC in Washington, DC.

Mr. Lesperance discussed:

  • How to combat counterfeits flooding the market with limited company resources
  • Enlisting the help of your loyal fans and supporters to spot counterfeits
  • How counterfeit products can endanger your customers and your reputation
  • How these fans can prevent the dilution of your brand
  • Ways to enable fans to communicate with your company to report counterfeits

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