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Episode 20: The Supreme Ripoff

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How to Avoid a Similar Fate

In this podcast, I review with co-host Tom Nixon an article I read in Bloomberg entitled, “How to Shamelessly Knockoff Supreme Worldwide and Get Away with It, For a While.” The article really wasn’t a “how-to” so much as, “how it happened,” and how other companies can take measures to avoid a similar fate.

I take a closer look at the events described in the piece from the perspective of a patent and trademark attorney who helps clients protect their intellectual property and use patents as a competitive advantage to stay ahead of the competition…fairly and honestly.

Update: See how the perpetrators fared in UK court.

Business Owner — Howell, MI — The Patent Baron

We discussed:

  • What did this individual do that caused such a problem?
  • Trademarks are not international—what that means for you.
  • If you intend to market globally, why you should consider filing for trademark protection in other countries/major markets.
  • Filing in many countries is expensive, though. What are your other options?
  • Maintain a strong watch on your trademarks globally, not just in your home country. You may want to enlist help in doing so.
  • Use your fans to help police counterfeit products.

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