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Episode 7: Mid-House Counsel™ Explainer

Team Discussion — Howell, MI — The Patent Baron

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Episode 7: Mid-House Counsel™ Explainer

Based on my experience as an in-house patent counsel, I understand that the coordination of information and strategic planning is difficult. For those who are concerned that they are overwhelmed by the volume of IP flowing to and from their outside counsel, I am proposing a Mid-House Counsel™ role. The Mid-House Counsel™ acts as a conduit both internally and externally, taking the burden off of an already overflowing plate. The Mid-House Counsel™ is immersed in the corporate strategy and with its inventors to a level not possible for outside counsel, given that operating structure. As a result, the Mid-House Counsel™ provides the corporation with an IP coordinator that understands the IP landscape, competitors, and the long-term plans of the corporation – and provides a single point of contact for the corporation and improves the efficiency and operation of the corporation’s IP portfolio.

Mr. Lesperance discussed:

  • What is a Mid-House Counsel™ and how it benefits those struggling with an IP portfolio.
  • How the Mid-House Counsel™ alleviates the burden of IP on those within the corporation.
  • The Mid-House Counsel™ builds relationships with inventors and business managers and coordinates activities with outside counsel.
  • Mid-House Counsel™ improves the flow of information between the corporation and outside counsel that results in a stronger IP portfolio and keeps the corporation ahead of the competition.

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