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Episode 9: Special Guest Ross Guberman

Signing a Document — Howell, MI — The Patent Baron

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Episode 9: Special Guest Ross Guberman

In this podcast, I am joined by a special guest, Mr. Ross Guberman. Ross Guberman is the President of Legal Writing Pro and BriefCatch™. He’s delivered thousands of workshops to judges and lawyers around the world. He’s written the bestselling book on brief-writing and several other books. And he’s the creator of BriefCatch™, a legal-editing tool used by Supreme Court Justices, courts, agencies, and tens of thousands of lawyers.

Ross and I discussed:

  • Legal writing and the Patent Bar
  • How technology is impacting legal writing, including Ross’ BriefCatch™ legal -editing software.
  • Training that Ross has provided to judges and lawyers, including IP lawyers.
  • How writing a book can be a great career-building tool, even in today’s electronic world.

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