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Trademark Branding Lawyer Howell, MI

If you need assistance with a trademark, then contact our Howell, MI trademark branding lawyer as soon as you can. Trademarks can be seen everyday, even if we do not realize it. Most products and companies that we know about have some aspect of their content trademarked so it can be used as part of their branding. But not only that, as a trademark also protects this content so that it cannot be unlawfully used without the creator’s permission. Trademark law can be complicated, especially if you are dealing with a party who seems to have violated your protections. If you need help with applying for a trademark or with taking action against someone who has copied your work, then reach out to The Patent Baron today.

About Trademarks

To put it simply, a trademark is like the unique concept of your brand. There can be something as simple as a name, design, symbol, word, or all of these, that sets your products or services separate from others in the market. This is how your brand identifies itself. If you do not have a trademark, then other companies can subtly mimic or obviously copy your branding. Do not put your business at risk by forgetting to obtain a trademark. As soon as you have a service or product idea that you want to pursue, it’s worth meeting with our Howell, MI trademark branding lawyer to learn how to protect it from the start. 

Criteria For Trademark

There are so many trademarks out there across the nation. But there are only two types of criteria that a person needs to create a new one. Firstly, a valid trademark must be distinctive and unique. Secondly, it must be used for the purpose of commerce. A trademark should not be too generic as that could cause it to not be approved for use. Also, the trademark cannot just be something you use recreationally for fun, it must be seen in commerce as a good or service. To protect your business legally and defend your trademark, you have to properly register it with a trademark office. When initiating the trademark process, make sure your trademark is adequately unique. It should have many elements that are distinctive to your business. 

The Patent Baron

Our Howell, MI trademark branding lawyer understands that creators want to protect themselves. By registering your trademark, you can rest easier knowing that it is legally safeguarded from mimicry or blatant replication. Any other parties who use your trademark, without your permission, may be subject to legal action. Business owners are encouraged to be informed about their rights and protections, and how to pursue correction and compensation when there is a violation. At The Patent Baron, you can trust that we have your best interest in mind and want to see you thrive without worry about others copying your original idea. But if someone does, then you have a legal right to seek resolution and possibly restitution for the offense. Call our office today if you have any questions or concerns about trademarks. 

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